Friday, February 25, 2005


I watched Grease tonight for the first time in a couple of years. Wow. What a difference the real version is from the version my mom recorded off the TV when I was younger - that movie is all about sex! You see, when you've watched the censored version your whole life you miss out on what actually happens in the movie. I don't know if I like the way Sandra Dee changed for Danny Zucko - we shouldn't have to change who we are... to be liked. To be fair, I suppose Danny changed too, becoming a 'jock' and all. That's enough of that. I'm not going to sit here and analyze Grease..I'm too tired for that. I will say one last thing though, I really enjoyed watching it again, the music is great and I caught myself wishing I could go back in time to a dance like they had... just good clean fun.

Tomorrow I have the training for my new job all day. It's PAID training, so I shouldn't complain. After that's over I'm meeting a few friends of mine from my course. We're going to see some grayhound dog race...apparently it's really big over here...I'll let you know.

Natalie and I got our flight and hostel (The Flying Pig) for Amsterdam, and I'm wicked excited. I found out that The Ann Frank Museum is there, and I REALLY want to see that. It's the actual house that she hid from the Nazi's in. Actually, seeing that is almost higher than tasting what else Amsterdam is known for. When I was younger and read Ann Frank I remember thinking that she was the bravest and most amazing person for being able to write down everything she was thinking and doing, during such a terrible time. In a way, I think she inspired me to want to write. Sometimes I think to myself that if I were to suddenly die, at least people would know what I was thinking. That might sound kinda of morbid, but it comforts me.

You know what else comforts me? The thought that in just about 4 months or so, I won't have to live in this tiny box anymore!!! It's been a fine room, but I'm not going to miss it, not one bit. I don't think I'm a really messy person, but this room seriously is so cluttered it's not even funny.

I'm going to make this my permanent journal. But not now. Because I'm too tired. And not tomorrow because i'll be too busy. But maybe Sunday. Maybe. But as for now. I'm going to sleep.

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