Saturday, February 19, 2005

pocket change

I'm saving my money. I mean, really saving my money. I went shopping today and I think I should manage to keep the food for about two weeks, if I try hard. On Monday I'll find out if I got the job, my fingers are still crossed for it... If I got that job I would feel A LOT better about wanting to travel as much as I have planned.

When I was in Paris I made a list of places I want to go before I leave. I will do them. I will. I don't want to go home with one city still on that list. I'm excited beyond belief. Seriously, I'm going to be thrifty. Even when I'm traveling...I'm already thinking of ways to save money. For example: the next place I go i'm taking food with me. Eazy Mac. I took it to Paris and ate it for dinner one night. That saved me so much $$$. Genius. I'm coming up with other little tricks to. Maybe I'll write about them later.

My suitcase broke. I noticed it when I got it from the baggage claim in London. It had to have happened in route from Paris to London because when I zipped it up the final time, it was fine. Dammit. I'm going to ask around and see if anyone has something I can use when Natalie comes out - there's no way I'm taking my bigger suitcases - that's just travel suicide.

I'm at that wonderful point, again, where I don't miss home. Honestly, I really like it when I don't miss home - I'm so much happier. When I'm homesick it's just that...I physically feel ill... like nothing I do here will ever match up to home. It's a crazy feeling.

Ok. I can't think of anything too interesting to talk about - so I'm gonna go back to looking at rail tickets online.

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