Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I realized this morning what friends are good for. Friends are good for bitching. Yup. Plain and simple bitching. Last night ALL I wanted to do was sit in the living room with the TV on having a cup of coffee and venting my latest 'boy' problems with my girlfriends. Problem was, my housemates were who knows where, and my friends from back home were...well...back home. That left me only my computer and journal.

Bitching, I believe, is healthy for you. Everybody gets pissed off and needs to vent every once in awhile, and your friends know this. They're there for you and listen to you complain and rant about the latest guy that screwed you over, or how your teacher didn't go to your 9am class - making you lose an hour that you could have been sleeping, they listen to you and don't judge you.

I miss the face to face gab time with my girls. It's not the same telling them a story over an email...you just don't get the full effect. I tell the friends I have out here about it, but they don't know the history. They weren't there when I first met the guy and was happy and laughing all the time, and they weren't there when I came home crying after being at his place...they don't know all that. My girls at home though...they know.

....i'm still feeling like crap, I've got the chills now, that follow with me being extremely hot. I'm going to try to sleep. Sleep is good. i've got another lecture at 2...I'm sure I'll write more later.

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