Thursday, March 31, 2005

Getting around the system

I'm sure I've already posted something like what I'm about to say...but deal with it :) As I'm sure most of you know, my favorite TV show is Alias and, if I do say so myself, I've done a pretty damn good job of not watching TV for almost 6 months. That hasn't stopped me from watching my show though. You see, I've been downloading (yes, it's illegal) Alias. Everything was fine and dandy until my lovely university put up a firewall against downloading... WELL...I think I might have found a way around that problem - it's called Wireless internet - and I love it.

This couldn't have come at a better time either, you see - I'm starting to get a bit of 'Cabin Fever' from doing nothing all day. The campus is pretty much deserted because it's the Easter Holiday, and I'm saving what money I have left, so I can't go into town. Because of this, I'm staying inside (oh yeah, don't tell me to go walk around outside..This is's's always raining) and usually I watch movies - BUT I've overwatched every single flick I have. Which leads me to downloading. If anyone is reading this who feels like reporting me - DON'T!!!! thanks :)

Shoot - how bored am I? I just wrote two lengthy paragraphs on pirating tv shows from the states. Goodness. What else can I bored you with?? Well, in about 2 hours I'm going to register for classes for next semester and I'm actually really excited to do that! I'm crossing my fingers they'll all still be open. I plan on taking 17 credit hours and finding a job next year. I'll let you know what i'm taking after I'm sure I get in.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I spent my time catching up with my old friend from back in the day. It was awesome. Seriously, it was one of the best conversations I've had online in a long time. I couldn't really tell you what was so great about it - it was just surreal to be talking to him after all these years. I hope we get to talk a lot more while I'm out here...

A few nights ago I was talking to my brother online - ok, it was more like I was talking and he said one or two words in reply. Anyway, I realized how soon I'm going home. It's really soon; sometime in June...first week or second week, maybe. That's no time at all - TOMORROW IS APRIL - APRIL!!!!! That means I really only have two months left out here. TWO MONTHS - where in the world did the time go??? #

My friend Abel sent me an email the other day while I was in Italy. It was about a program to live in Italy for the summer and teach English to children out there. I can't tell you how much I want to do that. They pay for everything except for your plane ticket to and from Italy. If would do it in a heart beat except A) I have no money B) I need to be home with my family this summer - too much is going on at home and C) I didn't apply and the application is due this Friday...

Ah. Right on. In the time it took me to write this I was able to download an episode of Alias. That means I'll only be in here for another 2 hours or so. SCORE! Ok. I have to find something else to occupy my time now - sorry about the long post....does anyone even read this besides my mom????!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Typical England

You know what's funny? It seems as though whenever someone comes out to visit me (I'm basing this on my Mom and Grandma and Natalie coming out here) the weather suddenly decides to be PERFECT. Seriously. The weather is a 10 - sunny, warm and wonderful. But the minute they step on the plane the clouds roll in...And I'm not exaggerating.

I've been home since Sunday night and I haven't done a single thing. At all. I finally decided to shower this morning - because I needed a change of pace. I'm just being lazy...Sleeping whenever I feel like it...Watching movies, reading books...Doing nothing really. My plan for tomorrow is to actually get outside (despite the weather) and try going for a run.

I'll be sending an email or posting about the trip I just took; there's just so much to talk about and so many stories to tell that I don't even know where to start! Oh yeah, and pictures to follow also. It was awesome. I've decided if my career in journalism falls through I'm moving to Italy and I'm going to become a tour guide. No, I'm not joking. At all. I'm seriously thinking about it. I love Italia.

So what else am I doing with my spare time, you ask? Well I'm surfing the net. There's this community called myspace where you basically have a profile and meet other people around the world. I've met up with lots of friends from home and some people I've actually forgot about over the years. Last night though I found this guy who seemed I added him. Turns out I know him from way back in the day. I haven't talked to him in a good five or six years - so we're just catching up on our lives. It's really cool. Even cooler is that he would randomly pop into my head and I'd wonder what he was up I get to find out.

OH! Other awesome news...Papa Johns is now in the UK! Very exciting news because the pizza here is just crap, and now there's Papa Johns. I'll have to wait for some of my friends to get back so we can all order it and split the until then...I'll wait and eat my frozen pizza!

Well I've pretty much bored myself of writing! I'm going to Ireland next week - I'm wicked excited about that since I've never been there. And, apparently my grandma's side of the family is from Londonderry - which is very close to where I'm going!
....till next time...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Packing 101

My bus is leaving in an hour and I think I'm all packed. THINK is the the key word there. Packing is a tricky task. You never know exactly what to take and usually you take too much. I hope I'm not taking too much - I tried to plan this one out. I'm going to be in different degrees of weather, so I'm preparing for that with layering.

Image hosted by
This is my 'suitcase'. It's actually a camping 'rucksack' I just bought. I hope it will do me proud - I'll let you know. *just a note - it looks a lot bigger than it actually is* When I took that picture I also took this one -and kinda likedd I'm putting it on here!
Image hosted by
Yes. That is the SUN on half of my face. Go figure...the sun comes out the day I leave - how's that for some irony! Ok. Well I just need to take care of a few more things before I go... bye for now!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mac vs. PCs

I'm not going to lie - I don't like Macs. I don't like the format and I don't see how they're 'easier to use.' I'm a fan of PCs - I love them. Well, up until today I loved them, now my vote is starting to go towards the direction of Apple Computers - The Mac.

In order for me to register for next semester had to find out what classes I've already taken at NMSU. That's presents a problem when you can't talk to your advisor face to face. My advisor told me about the STAR Degree Audit check - an online service that will tell you exactly what you still need to graduate. PERFECT!

Perfect, that is, if you can get to the site. I tried logging in from my laptop and about 5 other computers around campus - NONE of them would work...I just kept getting the stupid 'page cannot be found' page. It was frustrating me. Then I had an idea; there was one room of computers I had yet to try...the macs.

Well what do you know, it let the page come up and I was able to log in and check my progress. Turns out Macs are good for something, this little adventure has made me think more fondly of the computers I usually want to kick. loathe for them reminds me of the scene in Office Space with the fax machine...that's how much of a fan I am of them. And there's more good news! I'm not as far behind in school as I thought I was! I'm still pretty sure I'll be at NMSU for more than another year..but it'll be worth it.

Oh. More computer problems before I go. I tried to download the newest episode of Alias this afternoon - if you know me at all you know that's my favourite show and I hate missing it - and it wouldn't download at all. The school has gone and put up this gigantic firewall. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!

To leave this on a happier note - I'm leaving tomorrow for London. I think I'm pretty much packed...well I hope I am at least! I guess we'll find out. I tried to 'pack light' whatever that means...I'm a girl - come on! I'll try to post tomorrow before I leave, but if I don't - then I'll be back in a week and a few days!

p.s. happy st. patrick's day!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I feel the need to apologize for not writing in here. There's been some personal stuff going on lately and so I've been writing more in my own journal instead of this one. I know what you're thinking, "well gee Jess, you always write about whatever comes into your head, personal or not." Yeah, that may be true, but sometimes you just want to vent alone without knowing the rest of the world has the chance to be listening in. Anyway, that's my excuse.

Actually, this blog will see another dry spell pretty soon because...I AM GOING ON VACATION IN 2 DAYS!!!! I'm really really excited. Natalie couldn't be coming at a better time. We finally finalized all of our plans for where we're staying and how we're getting places. The only thing we don't know is what we're doing once we get to each city...we're going to play that by ear! I went to the store with my friend on Monday and despite the fact that I'm skint (broke) I bought some scones, jam and cream for Natalie to try - they are HEAVEN!!!!! No worries, you will get a FULL report when I get back!

My friend Kayla is going to meet up with us in Rome, it will be nice to see her! She's studying up in Swansea (Wales) this semester. Oh! My suitcase broke. Well, the zipper part is detaching itself from the rest of the case...and I didn't want to chance it on this trip, so I *sigh* bought a camping backpack. I "sighed" because it was something I needed to buy...I just REALLY didn't want to pay for of those things. I hope it will work out for me, I actually really like it. I decided if I don't have room to bring it home, I'll just sell it out here.

You know what's interesting? Ever since I got back here after winter break my email inbox has been empty in the mornings. I get a few emails here and there, but at the beginning I would have at least three different emails from different people, just talking to me and keeping me company. Now I'm lucky if I get one real email a week. It's actually kinda sad in a way to wake up to nothing. I know everyone is really busy this semester...but still! I want some love dammit!

One of my favorite things in the world is coffee, and the best roasted coffee you can find is the New Mexico Pinon Coffee; it's amazing. You can get it in over 60 flavors, but the originalis just as good. Check this out - "If green chile is dear to the hearts and stomachs of all New Mexicans, the Pinon is dear to their souls." Ah. That's just music to my ears!

I really want to work in a coffee shop when I get home. Whether it be Starbucks, Flying Star, Blue Dragon...or any other coffee shop - I want to work there. I just adore the aroma that coffee has and I love how every cup and every roast can have its own unique taste. It's brilliant.

Right now I'm listening to The Postal Service, Jeff sent it to me :) It couldn't have gotten here at a better time either...I was going to upload my new playlists to my iPod either today or tomorrow. If you don't have an iPod yet you need to get one...they are amazing. I take mine with me EVERYWHERE. I was on the bus a couple days ago and I saw a guy with a portable CD player. To be honest with was the first one I've seen in a VERY long time, and it was kinda weird to see!

Well, I think I've made this long enough for now. I'll try to write in it again before I leave...

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Breakfast for dinner

After spending a whole day walking around my town, going to different friend's houses, I was hungry. I got home and looked in my fridge. Eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, may and pickle relish. Seeing as how I'e eaten ham and cheese sandwiches everyday for the past week, I quickly ruled out the meat, cheese and mayo. That left me with eggs and bacon.

I also found a can of baked beans and green chile in my cabinate. I brought out a Frontier Tortilla from the freezer and started making my breakfast...I mean lunch.

The use of baked beans has become somewhat of a custom for me now to eat with eggs. At first I was completly opposed to it - anyone who would eat baked beans 1)for breakfast and 2) on eggs had to have something really wrong with them. But, I like to think that I can't knock something before i try I tried it and surprisingly enjoyed it.

I decided to spice things up and put some green chile on the egg with the beans. I laughed out loud while I was eating it because I had made my 'dinner' something into a very cultural dish! I had a very New Mexican/English breakfast, what with my tortilla and all!

...and...well...that is my post for the day. There is a lot going on with me right now, but I'm keeping it safe in my journal until I feel the need to post it to the world. I was going to go out tonight, but decided to save my money I'll be staying home and watching a movie :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I just had a really good night. It involved talking about America...the cultural side of America instead of the political point of view. Actually, it seems like within the past few weeks lots of people have been asking me about the culture of America. I REALLY like talking about this opposed to the "why did you guys vote for such a !%$@#^$^ for president?" questions I got at the beginning of the year.

When people ask me culturally what America is like I sometimes pause for awhile before I answer... even though I already know what I'm going to say. After awhile I finally say this: "America is diverse, it's one of the most diverse places you could ever visit. Every single state is different. No, every city is different. Wait, no, every single community has it's own personality." That's how I view my country at least; every place is different. There is no way to define it except saying it's diverse.

A country like Britain is very very concerned with keeping it's 'national identity' but I think that America's national identity is basically not having one. I love talking about New Mexico. "You can go skiing in Northern NM and then drive south and be 'stranded' - it's amazing." Even talking about other states makes me realize how amazing America's diversity really is. Think about it. EVERY SINGLE STATE is different. And each has something to offer, it may not be spectacular, but it's something.

No matter how much people don't like our government, or don't like the role we're playing in this world - there's still this excitement and awe about my country and I love it. In fact, I secretly get a kick out of hearing people talk about McDonaldization...because even though they may knock it - I know they still eat there. (bad example and actually pretty irrelevant...but i wanted to throw it in there).

Anyway, to sum this up. I love talking about America. I'm even getting better about sticking up for it politically. I'm gaining confidence to stand up for things that we have done and are doing. If someone says something totally off the wall, I call them on it and we have a discussion about it. Sometimes I'm wrong, but sometimes I'm right...and either way I'm learning so much about the USA and myself - it's just crazy - I like it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Career Ramble


Journalism consists of several different fields. The two major ones are broadcast, radio and TV, and print, newspaper and magazine. Yes, there are more than that...but this is my post and those are the ones I'm focusing on at the moment.

I went into journalism because I enjoy writing, so I automatically narrowed my field down and decided I wanted to do print journalism, newspapers specifically, without giving any others a second glance. Well, then I had an internship in advertising. Not the direction I wanted to go in...but as it turns out, advertising is a MUCH, I repeat MUCH higher paying career, plus it's fun too!

So then I had print newspaper and advertising to decide between. I had already ruled out broadcast just didn't appeal to me since I didn't see much writing involved, I mean, they talk on a radio all day...come on... so I never took a class on broadcast at NMSU. But then I came to Bournemouth and broadcasting was fit into my schedule.

I had radio the first term and I loved it. Radio was great fun I loved the spontinuity and real-time aspect of it. And there is actually a lot of writing involved, a lot that makes you think on your feet, I liked that!

This term I'm taking TV...and TV is an entirely different story.

I've been to several workshops on it and have even put a piece together, so I've given it a shot. I hate it. I don't like TV. I don't like having to get everyday people to become actors for you just so you can get a nice shot, or to make it fit the angle you're trying to do. Editing is a nightmare - cut aways are just a pain in the arse! TV, simply put, isn't my niche.

But, along with broadcasting in my work load, I also have magazine feature writing. Now there's something I really enjoy. I feel like it allows me to be more creative and original than newspaper, but still makes me follow a strict style.

So. Basically I am now juggling a few options in my hands: Magazine, newspaper and advertising and maybe even radio. I like this. I like the fact that I have seen and tested the options out there for me and have given them a shot. Now I can start focusing on what I enjoy doing and am best at. This year is almost over and even though I have a lot more options than when I first decided on majoring in journalism, I feel like I've come a really long way!

This might sound really really stupid, but I'm excited to go back to NMSU and take more classes in journalism..there is so much to do and so much to learn! WOW. Ok. That might have been the most dorky thing I've said in a REALLY long time.

If you have actually read this far down - I'm impressed. I didn't intend to write this much, it sorta just came out. I have to register for next semester pretty soon, but I think writing about this just helped me figure a lot out - so basically this probably did more for me than it did for you!

With that said....I am going to sleep.

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Middle of Nowhere

As if my weekend couldn't get any better, I just finished watching Miss Congeniality, had about three spoonfulls of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and put on some tunes. I didn't put on just any music though...I put on Hanson.

Yes. The brothers from the late 90s. To make things even more emberrasing for me, I'm not listening to any of their latest albums, I'm listening to THE album - the one with 'Mmmbop'. It's great. I'm not gonna lie, I like singing along to it. And, to dig a hole even deeper and to make me even more of a loser...I still remember all the words. Stop laughing at me and making that face - I know you know them too.

Every club I've been to out here, with the exception of the drum and bass nights and the techno nights, have played 'Mmmbop' and EVERY time I get such a kick out of seeing a club full of 19-22-year old British boys and girls singing "mmmbop da ba do bop, in an mmmbop you're gone, in an mmmbop you're not there, mmmbop do ee dap ba do bop" at the top of their longs. It's great.

Ok, I'm going to finish listening to this cd and then watch yet another movie. Stay tuned...who knows what crazy stuff I might be doing the next time I write in here - I'm out of control. :) Now stop reading this and go put Hanson on...I know you want to.

Lazy Weekend

What did I do this weekend, you ask? Let me tell you - nothing! It was/is great. I went out Friday night for one of my friend's 21st birthday. We went to our student union club in town and I had a lot of fun. It was really nice to hang out with them. We danced the night away, good times. Then we got Subway before our ride back home - 24 hour Subways, I love it!!!

I woke up Saturday morning around 12 or so and was pretty much lazy all day. Katie and I went to the store and picked up some ice cream to go along with City of Angels. That was cream and a chick flick...again, I can't complain! I actually went to bed somewhat early last night and slept in again till noon :)

Today I just lounged around some more and I just finished watching Behind Enemy Lines. Good flick. Made me think about what's going on today...there was a lot of mention of the Serbs, Croats and Muslims...will it ever end? I don't think so. I'm probably going to watch another movie bed is too comfy to actually do anything productive today - jealous? you should be!

Tomorrow I'm gonna go into town, I REALLY need a coffee fix. Other than that, I don't have anything else planned. It's two weeks and counting till Natalie gets here. And the trip is also coming together for when my mom and dad come. We're thinking we might make it up to Belgium :) for some random talk that might make me seem a bit odd. Sometimes when I watch movies I wonder what the extra's characters are. Do they have a story? What are they doing there. It's sorta like people watching...only I'm people watching in the movies. It's fun to do if you've seen the movie several times. I just pay attention to the extras, the people sitting in a restaurant, walking on the street, shopping in a store - what rae they talking about..what are they doing. Eh. that's my random thought of the day!

Dave Matthew's Band is going to be at the Journal Pavillion on August 31, I think I'm gonna try to see it this time around. I just recently got into him over the past two years, so if I can find a way to win some tickets...I'll go. I'm hoping Alb. gets some other good acts this summer. What am I talking about? Heh I won't have money to go to concerts...any money I get from a job (which I don't have) will go straight to paying off my credit card!

Time to find something 'productive' to do...and by 'productive' it either means I'm going to A)take a nap B)surf the internet or C)just take a nap.

Thursday, March 3, 2005


Is your refrigerator running??? ...well, now that you mention it - NO! It's actually our freezer that isn't working, so that means all of our frozen food is thawing out - NOT GOOD. But, we called in a maintenance order and they came and fixed our fridge today. Ok, they didn't technically fix it - they just gave us a brand new one! AND this one is bigger!!!! Ah, the joys of my life.

Now back to the title of my blog today. Emer'gen-C. I LOVE this stuff. Remember how sick I was feeling? I was taking my herbs, drinking tea, and taking it easy...but I just wasn't getting any better. Then I remembered about my Emer'gen-C, so I started taking it. No joke, the same day I started taking it I started feeling better. It's great stuff. No worries, it actually tastes good, you can get it in several different flavors too...I'm drinking a raspberry one at the moment.

Ah. look at the time, I have to get to work. I'll write more later. Today has been a very hectic day....

Wednesday, March 2, 2005


r.i.p snuggles Posted by Hello

My mom called me this afternoon and told me to go outside and look at the sky. For years now, that's been her and my way of saying "a pet has died." I was afraid to ask her which animal died. Was it her bird, or my extremely old gold fish, or... *deep breath* one of our dogs. "Go outside and see if you can see a cloud that looks like Snuggles," she said. I seriously think I felt my heart drop an inch or two.

It's amazing how a pet can feel so much like family. Snuggles was my dog. Chris has Oreo, my mom has her bird and my dad...well...he doesn't want to have any association with our animals! We've had Snuggles for years. I know my mom would know just how long...but I'm willing to guess it's been at least 10 years, probably more.

I feel a bit childish writing an entire post about a dog...but he was my dog, and I loved him very much. Snuggles loved everyone, even our other pets. He would go up to our birds (like the one in the picture) and just watch what they would do. He especially loved my hamsters back in the day when we had them. I wish I had more pictures, but I only have that one and one with a quarter of his head.. It's a shame he won't be there when I get home. He will be missed.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

one down one to go

I finally finished my essay. It's ok. Actually, I kinda like it...but I have an uneasy feeling about it. I'm pretty sure I should have taken a more political view of globalization rather than the cultural outlook of it. As long as I pass I'll be fine, it's just waiting for the mark that's the hard part. Now I only have to finish my Feature's layout that I have to turn in on Friday and I'll feel much better about school.

Natalie and I are one step away from finishing our plans! We were going to play some of it by ear, but since we're traveling during Easter we need to actually book our hostels, train tickets, etc. We are for sure hitting up the Netherlands, France and Italy :) I'm really really looking forward to it. My parents and I are still trying to figure out where we're spending two free days that we have - maybe Liverpool or Paris or Belgium or Barcelona??? Not sure yet..but we'll figure it out soon enough.

I changed my bulletin board tonight. During one of the breaks from my essay I took down the post cards I had up and took the quote calender I had and tore out the quotes. Then I put them on the board and then put up some photos from home. :) it is nice.

I'm talking to Katie online and she told me she went out for dinner tonight and had apple pie with custard and I can't tell you how much I want that right now. I am so hungry and I've been craving that for weeks! I'm saving my money - and doing a very good job, I might add - but I told myself that I'm going into town on Thursday to get myself my Cafe Nero's coffee ONLY if I finish my layout by tomorrow. So, I have some motivation to do that.

Well, I can't think of much else to say right now except I'm really tired and ready to go to sleep. So I will let the music of Matt Ryczek put me to sleep.

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