Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mac vs. PCs

I'm not going to lie - I don't like Macs. I don't like the format and I don't see how they're 'easier to use.' I'm a fan of PCs - I love them. Well, up until today I loved them, now my vote is starting to go towards the direction of Apple Computers - The Mac.

In order for me to register for next semester had to find out what classes I've already taken at NMSU. That's presents a problem when you can't talk to your advisor face to face. My advisor told me about the STAR Degree Audit check - an online service that will tell you exactly what you still need to graduate. PERFECT!

Perfect, that is, if you can get to the site. I tried logging in from my laptop and about 5 other computers around campus - NONE of them would work...I just kept getting the stupid 'page cannot be found' page. It was frustrating me. Then I had an idea; there was one room of computers I had yet to try...the macs.

Well what do you know, it let the page come up and I was able to log in and check my progress. Turns out Macs are good for something, this little adventure has made me think more fondly of the computers I usually want to kick. loathe for them reminds me of the scene in Office Space with the fax machine...that's how much of a fan I am of them. And there's more good news! I'm not as far behind in school as I thought I was! I'm still pretty sure I'll be at NMSU for more than another year..but it'll be worth it.

Oh. More computer problems before I go. I tried to download the newest episode of Alias this afternoon - if you know me at all you know that's my favourite show and I hate missing it - and it wouldn't download at all. The school has gone and put up this gigantic firewall. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!

To leave this on a happier note - I'm leaving tomorrow for London. I think I'm pretty much packed...well I hope I am at least! I guess we'll find out. I tried to 'pack light' whatever that means...I'm a girl - come on! I'll try to post tomorrow before I leave, but if I don't - then I'll be back in a week and a few days!

p.s. happy st. patrick's day!!!

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