Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I've been in a good mood lately - which I love - and I'm hoping it'll last for awhile. I tried dying my hair red this morning, but it didn't really work out. I guess you can see that it's kinda red when I'm in the sun, but that's about it. Oh well. It's a temporary wash-out dye anyway.

- side note - my lamp might be possessed...it keeps flickering and the bulb is in there tight. Weird.

Also I find it amusing that I'm in such a good mood despite everyone around me being in a 'couple,' getting engaged or preparing for marriage. No joke, there are only a few of us singletons left.

I found out a guy I used to date just got engaged. My first reaction? I laughted and felt really happy that things between us never actually elevated to anything. Then I contemplated telling her what type of a guy he really is. In the end I decided to keep my lips sealed.

Tonight I have every intention of laughing and spending time with my friends and passing out candy to little kids. There will be no costumee for me - maybe i'll put my hair in pigtails or something. As for right now I have to get as much work done so I can play in a few hours!

Friday, October 27, 2006


It's 12:30 a.m. and I'm 18 floors up in the Raddison in St. Louis and through the ringing in my ears I can still hear the roar of people cheering and people honking their car horns. What is all this madness? It's being in a city when their team just won the World Series.

The fans out here are crazy! The cheering and honking and yelling have been going on for AT LEAST two hours - straight. There is no break. One person claps and 50 other join in half a second later. It's nothing short of a spectacle. The only thing I can compare it to is a New Year's eve party that, from the sounds down below, will inevitably last all night long! I'm having a blast!!!

This trip has been great, but I've also been kinda stressed at the same time. Work is making me really really dislike work and making a job at Starbucks look like the best possible choice. From about 9 to 3 p.m. each day I'll I've been hearing about is writing and journalism. It's enough to make me not want to write ever again. (I realize I'm writing now...but this is more of me just clearing my thoughts. It's not going to be read or critiqued by thousands of people.)

I ran into my friend Chris Sanchez, aka the managing editor for our competitor at the Daily Lobo. It was awesome to see him again! We used to intern together at the News Bulletin in Belen and since then we see each other on random occasions. This was fun though because we just tease each other about our papers.

........They are STILL going at it down there.

Thinking about going back to school makes me a little sad. It's nice to escape from things out here - even if my mind is constantly bombarded with talk of journalism and all I still have to write for Monday's issue. Three weeks after I get back we have our Thanksgiving Break and then just three weeks later I graduate. Wow. WOW! heh. Six more weeks of school. Twelve more production nights. 24 more articles. I can do this. I can do this.

I get to see my mom on Friday. Actually, my Mom, Grandma and Aunt Holly. I really want my dad to come down too. They're all coming down for the Renaissance Faire! YEAH - so excited.

Speaking of excited - I honestly think this World Series celebration will actually go on all night long. CRAZY!

Ok. I'm so tired and I have to wake up and go to another full day of conventions.

St. Louis on a Friday morning

The Cardinals won last night which means everyone here is in a good mood, except of course, the Detroit Tigers and their fans. Not knowing too much about baseball, except for the fact that most of the players have very nice ass-ets, I think if St. Louis wins tonight they win the World Series. And that is neat. We're going to try to make our way to the stadium tonight... after we hit up The Cheescake Factory and a mall with all my favorite stores. Thank goodness I'm traveling with a bunch of girls!!

Speaking of girls, we're all getting along very well. I'm not gonna lie when I say I was a little skeptical of all of us traveling together. Traveling to a different city, different climates and different time zones can be a tricky thing. So far so good!

Last night the convention gave away hundreds of passes to see two screenings of Borat and Stranger than Fiction. I don't watch much TV (just my weekly - sometimes - dose of Grey's), so I haven't seen previews yet for these new movies. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Borat is deffinitiely in my list of top 5 worst movies ever. I absoutely hated it. I don't think it could have degraded or offended more people. I felt very, very uncomfortable watching it and had I drove myself to the theater I would have left half way through the movie. Yes there were times, not many, when I did laugh...but for the most part I felt sick watching it. I reccommend never watching it. Ever.

Stranger than Fiction on the other hand, was top-class. I could deffinitely see Will Farell getting some sort of award for his performance. He played a man who realizes he is the main character in a novel...but does not know how the book will end. Will it be a tragedy or a comedy? Will he live....or will he die? It was funny, in a serious type of way. Emma Thompson, playing the part of an author stuck with writer's block (oh how i can relate right now) did an amazing job. I loved this movie, and I wish we never saw the other one.

As for other things, the conference is great. I'm learning a lot about ways to improve our paper in order to gain more readers and give them what they want. After talking to different students from school around the country I also realized that we really don't have it that bad off - at all. In fact, the Round Up should be one of the best ones out there considering our staff, budget and size.

Ugh. Clearly I am procrastinating right now... but no more. I have to start working on this paper... Till next time... GO CARDS!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

airports and technology

I decided to keep a blog while I'm on this little trip of mine. Mostly because non of my really close friends are here with me. I've decided that one of the coolest inventions (inovation?) is text messaging. I am currently texting my mom who is in Europe on a cruise. Between 3 texts this morning she found out when I was leaving, where I was going and where I'm staying. I was able to find out that she and my dad saw the Pope in the midst of "millions of people," that she was enjoying a margarita, my dad was drinking a daqari and she was taking a sunset off the coast of Italy. Seriously, how cool is that? While I would rather talk to her on the phone, I think it's awesome that we can keep in touch via text messaging. Neat.

I love airports, there's this addicting energy everywhere you look and every type of person you can imagine. People coming and people going; happy, sad, frustrated, stressed and anxious people. People sleeping, kids running around. It's just great!!! Airports never sleep.

One more thought before I close my Apple: I like flying, but I hate landing. It's as though my body jumps and reacts to every single little bump or semi-loud noise. Basically I become a chicken shit and start repeating the Hail Mary over and over in my head - ok..that's a lie...I just go to my happy place.

Oh, I lied, that wasn't my last thought. My last thought (maybe) is about music. Maybe one of the reasons I have my head so far up in the clouds most of the time - in the sense that I'm a hopeless romantic - is due to the type of music i listen to. It's all romantic and completely hopeless.

That's all. Time to people watch!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I can't sit still

The subject of my blog could be due to the two cups of coffee I've had this morning... or because of a blog I just read. A friend of mine from high school, Chelsea, is traveling the world. Literally around the world, for over a year. I don't know how she's paying for this, but everytime I read what she write I think about what it would be like to do what she's doing.

I would like to call myself a world traveler, but the truth is that I'm not anywhere near that. Sure, I've been out of the country multiple times, but they've been to the same Western civilization countries. I'm curious to find out how she's paying for this trip - there is no way I could ever, EVER finance something like that. But, I want to do it so bad. Reading her blogs make me want to stop everything I'm doing and go see the pyramids in Egypt with my own eyes.

I have a trip planned (in my mind) for this summer. I want to go back to England (and see and stay with my friends out there) I want to go to Norway (a first for me), see the running of the bulls in Spain, stay with another friend in France and then go to Austria. The problem is that there are SO many other places I want to go and see, coming back to the states is so hard knowing there are other things to see just within my reach, but damn money gets in the way.

Right now my parents are in Spain and hearing how much fun they are having and how much they're enjoying what they're doing makes me overwhelmed with happiness and makes my desire to be out there that much stronger.

I'll get back out there - hopefully this summer. Heh. Now I can't even sit still, I'm just going to be daydreaming of different places I want to be.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A different perspective

Life is funny the way things work out. I graduate in two months and I am not nervous, anxious, worried or having a mental break down...yet.

I feel almost confident about graduating (there are still those classes I'm crossing my fingers I'll pass), and I'm excited to move back home. Yes, home. Back to the address I have on all of my official documents, but haven't technically lived there since I was in high school. Back to living with my parents and my brother, all of whom I have only spent a weekend or a few months with during the past four and a half years. Home. It should be interesting.

I'm also really excited to possibly work at a coffee shop. I used to love working in coffee shops while I was in high school, so hopefully I can get a part-time or even full-time job doing that. Albuquerque the Magazine offered me an internship so I will get to keep writing and hopefully work my way into an actual paid position there.

Right now I guess I just need to focus on actually passing my classes and graduating in December. Then I can think about the fun things like redecorating my old room.

I feel a little guilty for not being sad to leave Las Cruces. Guilty because I have met amazing people who I'm privileged to call friends. I will miss having people come over at 3 a.m. on a Thursday night, going out for random happy hours and drinking on a Monday night while playing a board game. I LOVE going out to dinner in big groups and knowing that we have to pull together more tables because more friends keep showing up.

Ever since freshman year I have been surrounded by people. I consider myself fortunate for the staying in touch and hanging out with most of the people I met within those first years. The "Barn Room" will forever be known as the Melting Pot for RGH and the place where we all spent many nights laughing until dawn. Even as we moved out of the dorm we continued to meet at different houses...as though we never even left the dorm.

But am I sad to leave this all behind? Not really, because I know we will still be friends and I will still hang out with them despite me living in a different city. When I graduated from high school I thought it was the end of my life as I knew it. I couldn't see myself living a life anywhere besides Albuquerque and the thought of hanging out with anyone besides my core group of friends was completely out of the question. I think my perspective is a little different this time around, and it's making all the difference.

One month and thirty days to go...

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