Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Engagement Announcment

Ah, the secret is finally out of the bag: my baby brother is officially engaged. Whoa! Yeah. I know. It's pretty crazy.

I have serious mixed emotions about it, but it's not my wedding; I need to just shut up and be happy for him the two of them.

He's been carrying the ring around with him for several days, and I'm pretty sure it was about to burn a whole in his pocket. From what it sounds like, Amanda pretty much has the whole kit and caboodle planned already. To each their own, I guess.

It was strange being over at the Sloan's house last night. They all know Chris on a completely different level than how we know him or Amanda. They know him like a son and like a brother. I know Amanda like...a girlfriend who we see every once in awhile. I'm sure we'll get to know her better, but in the mean time it's like they're taking away our Chris faster than any of us are prepared for.

They've also only known each other for less than a year - and I understand that people get married and live prosperous and happy lives together, but I just pray that they're preparing for a marriage and not just a wedding. It's way too easy to be wrapped up in "love" and the prospect of having a wedding, than actually plan for a life together.

I think it's also strange for me because I'm the oldest and I'm supposed to be the one to experience things first. And now I'm the one being left in the dust. It's a strange concept for me to grasp. Kenny suggests we jump the gun and beat them at a wedding with an elopement in Vegas - ha.

I'm excited to get to know Amanda more and I wish them the best of luck.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overheard at Dunkin Donuts:

I was in desperate need for a DD coffee, and while I was waiting for my French vanilla brew to be filled a man walked in. This was the conversation:

Man: “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I found a Dunkin Donut’s here!”

[side note: Someone with that much exuberance demanded that I look at him. This man was in his 50s, wearing a burnt orange shirt with the state of Texas printed in the middle and the word “TEXAS” right above it; he had more than a beer belly and looked as though he needed to shave about three weeks ago.]

DD lady: “Well, what can I get for you?”

Man: “Coffee. Extra large. Extra cream. Extra sugar.”

DD lady: “You pour your own cream and sugar.”

Man: “WHAT?!!”

DD lady: [a little louder this time because maybe she thinks he’s a bit hearing impaired] “The cream and sugar is right there for you to pour yourself.” [She points to me pouring my milk into my coffee.]

Man: “You don’t do it for me?”

DD lady: “We don’t do it here, the customer does.”

Man: “Well never mind then. I don’t want to do it myself. NEVER MIND!”

[And then he stormed out of DD. I was right behind him (I had finished pouring my own milk into my own coffee) and I noticed this guy was driving one of the largest trucks I’ve ever seen, and he had a burnt orange “Texas” license plate on the front of his big ol’ truck.]

Me: “Go back to Texas!”

Some things...

*I went with my baby brother on Tuesday to shop for an engagement ring for his girlfriend.

*He's proposing...sometime (Amanda may somehow happen to read this so I can't go and SAY when it's gonna be!)

(side note: We had a family discussion about this - I've been kinda resentful about him getting married for several reason - and I feel better about it now. They want to get married next summer, but Kenny will be deployed. I know it's not my wedding, but I asked if they'd consider waiting till Kenny got back so he can be there, too, and he said they'd think about it. I REALLLLLY hope they will.)

* I still don't know who to freaking vote for. I hate this election and I want it to be over.

* I just bought my ticket to see Kenny over Thanksgiving. I was originally going to take two days off work and be out there for four days. Well, we were talking about it and if I end up taking that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off then I can be out there for NINE days! It's a little confusing, but I think it'll be worth it. ...This will be the longest period of time Kenny and I will be together in one place, and I think it'll be really good for the two of us.

*He'll be out here for his TDY in TWELVE days! Even though he'll be here we still have both families and friends to see, so it'll be two weeks of having him home, but not the same as nine days together in a place that I could potentially live one day...

*He officially bought his house yesterday and got the keys. He's a homeowner :)

*I promise more things are going on in my life that don't include him...I just can't really think of anything.

*Oh! Work is awesome :)

*Crap. And my throat hurts a little bit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tiny Pokes, Major Pain

I'm pretty positive my dentist enjoys watching me squirm and make grimacing faces while my mouth is wide open. I also think she like prodding my gums with very sharp and tiny tools just for fun, all the while I'm just thinking to myself, "lady, you're damn lucky I've been coming to this same office for the past 25 years, because I would like nothing more than to bite down on your fingers right now." I mean really, what would stop me from doing that?

I know I don't floss and brush my teeth twice I day, but I do brush, floss, and use this special mouth wash the recommended every morning. That's gotta count for something, right? Wrong. I have to see the dentist every four months now instead of twice a year. Lame. Apparently my gums are not like they should be. I've never had a cavity (knock on wood), or anything more serious than needing braces, and I'm constantly praised on having good teeth and a great smile from them, but that's not enough.

When I was younger my mom would always take my brother and I to Dairy Queen after an appointment, because no kid willingly likes going to the dentist. And let me tell you, today is definitely one of those days that I needed a Blizzard. I would have broken my diet to get one today, too, but unfortunately I got out of there at 10 am and DQ wasn't open. I'm taking a rain check.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Expect More

Some days/weeks I get on these exciting blog hypes and write as often as possible, and then there are times like this where I don't write at all. I actually have A LOT I'd like to talk about, but by the time I get on here it seems silly, so I don't blog. Instead, I read what my other favorite bloggers are up to.

I do have something exciting to mention: two weeks from today my boyfriend will be in town for two (!!!) weeks. I'm pretty ridiculously excited to see him for more than just a weekend. Heh. Imagine that, a girlfriends actually wants to be with her boyfriend for more than just a few days. That's really what I have to look forward to.

And these dates:
Oct. 28: Kenny comes home
Oct. 31: We get to dress up for Halloween together
Nov. 26: I fly out to Georgia for Thanksgiving!
Dec. 3: Best of the City Party (woot woot)
Dec. 24: Christmas fun begins
Dec. 31: Kenny and I celebrate two (!!!) years together
Jan. 24: My birthday and possibly heading to Miami to see Jeff and Meghan

I'll make this my October resolution to blog more. Expect more from me.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Healthy Choices

As I type this I'm wishing I could magically lose wight by positive thoughts and actions, because about a half hour ago I turned down a free meal at El Pinto. Maybe you don't understand. Here's the thing, El Pinto is my favorite New Mexican restaurant, and I do not—EVER—turn down enchiladas, let alone free enchiladas from my favorite restaurant. Except for right now.

Yesterday, seven of us at work decided to take the weight-loss plunge. We're calling it
Albuquerque The Magazine's Biggest Loser. I have to lose 28 pounds by January 1. That comes out to 3 months (13 weeks) and equals 2.1 pounds a week, which is what's recommended. All the girls at work are committing to lose weight, we're calling it Albuquerque The Magazine's Biggest Loser and the winner gets $400 (we all chipped in $50). So. I don't want to lose - well, I want to lose, I just don't want to lose the competition!

I worked out this morning and I hurt right now (the good kind of hurt), so hopefully I can keep that up. So healthy choices is my new motto from here on out. Hopefully they don't include saying "no" to my favorite meals too often.

Oh, and in place of having cheesy, rolled enchiladas smothered in some of the best red and green chile around with delicious Spanish rice and refried beans, I ate my Healthy Choice frozen meal at my desk. Go me.

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