Friday, June 24, 2005

Only in America

For the past week I've been going in the mornings religiously to Defined Fitness, the gym up on Juan Tabo. Last night I didn't have any money lto go out so I decided to stay home. By staying in I ended up getting bored of watching TV and figured I'd go for a swim at 10pm. I got a pretty good swim in, considering it was the first time I've been in the pool in over a year, and about an hour later I was ready to go home.

The second I stepped out of the gym I stopped dead in my tracks. I smelled something... something wonderful. I kept waking to my car and sniffing the air (I probably looked like a crazy person!) trying to figure out where the amazing scent was coming from. As I was about to open my door I realized what I was smelling.... Krispy Kreme .

Some genius a couple years back bought an empty lot on Juan Tabo and Candelaria and decided that it would be a great idea to build a doughnut shop RIGHT NEXT TO A GYM. Talk about bad luck! I mean, here are people who are going to the gym to get fit, healthy and in shape and they have to pass by one of the best doughnut places in the world.

Last night took every ounce of strength I had left in me (not much considering it was the second time that day I had worked out) not to stop and get a fresh baked doughnut (seriously - check those out!). I need to mention something else for this story to have it's full effect. After spending a little less than a year in another country, I can safely say that the doughnuts here are as good as they get. When I was over there, my friends once raved about their jam doughnuts, and it was at a point when I would have given my left arm for the taste of a hot Krispy Kreme doughnut, so I decided to give theirs a try. Talk about a let down. It was as though I had put a little bit of sugar on a roll and then called it a doughnut. Needless to craving only grew stronger.

I didn't give into the temptation last night, nor did I this morning - but I can tell I'm going to hit a breaking point soon. It's just a cruel and mean thing to put something like that next to a gym...I'm strong, but I'm not that strong, dammit!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Next week I finish looking for a job. I'm going to try Johnny Carinos, Red Robin, AOL and if none of those work out for me then I'm gonna go and ask for my job back at Dions. BUT, I'm going to see if I can work during the day instead of nights. I dno't want to go down to Cruces this early in the summer, so hopefully I'll get something this week...

In a few minutes I'm going to try to get my membership back at the gym. I think it should be cheap enough since it's towards the end of the month...I need to do something productive at least.

My parents anniiversary is tomorrow; 25 years. That's crazy! We're going out to dinner to Quarters, I'm actually kinda excited to go...mmm....steak...mmm...salad...mmm.... speaking of eating out - I wanna go get some ice cream cause it's hot outside.

Ok time to go.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm with it!

Remember when you could go to McDonald's and get a breakfast MEAL for $1.99??? Well folks, I went there this morning (because I was actually up before the 10:30am cut off) and got myself a #3 meal. How much did it cost, you ask? $3.79!!! That's just crazy, and a crying shame. I guess I won't be eating at Micky D's for awhile...

Also on my mind - the other day I was at Walmart shopping for a certain gift for a certain holiday coming up and while I was shopping there I came to the conclusion that Walmart only hires those people who are completely incompetent to do more than one thing at once. Picture this: There are THREE women behind the counter and while my mom and I are standing there they all 'look' busy. One is SITTING on the floor PLAYING with the price sticker machine, one is LOOKING at what is in the case below her and the other is actually ringing up a customer (she's ok in my book). My mom finally has to ask to be helped and the woman looking at the case says she can't do anything because she doesn't have a key - Um, HELLO! Ask for a key!!!

Finally, after a heavy sigh and an eye-roll better than I could have done, she walked over and 'helped' us. When I say 'helped' I mean she put in as much effort as I would if I HAD to get up and do something during Alias... Moving on - so, my Mom and I decide on what we want to purchase and she puts the item in a bag. This would be fine and dandy if we were buying a shirt or something to that effect, but we weren't. I finally asked Ms. Helpful if she would mind finding a box and she replied, without even looking, that they didn't have any. I then said that the item purchased was for a gift and I would not be giving it to him in a walmart bag. Then, magically, a box appeared. BUT, this does not end there. This woman tried to STUFF the item in the box. She took it apart and tried to get it to fit in the box. She finally, somehow, got it in there, and we paid and left. When we got to the car we looked at the item in the box and took it out. Ms. Helpful didn't even try to put the item in the right way! It reminded me of when I was little and we would play with the circle, square and triangle blocks to get them into the correct shaped holes. Ms. Helpful had obviously never played that little game when she was younger.

That was my lovely experience with an incompetent person...why must there be so many of them out there?????

In other news - I still don't have a job. It's not that I haven't been looking though, because I have. I have applied at 10, yes TEN, different places and so far no luck. I have a stack of about 6 more applications to drop off tomorrow so hopefully something will come from them. I don't want to go back to Dions. It's not that I didn't enjoy working there...I did...when I was a Junior in high school. I'm a Senior in college now. I realize I'm running low on options, but I don't enjoy working at a place where the workers actually act like children. During this past winter when Laura and I were working there a girl actually SAT DOWN on the floor while making a salad and said "This is too hard and I'm tired". COME ON!!!! That's just RIDICULOUS. GEEZ.

If I don't find something by next week my only other option might be to move down to Las Cruces about a month earlier than I thought and find a job down there...and I really don't want to do that. I like living at home now and I like living in Albuquerque but if it means that I can start making money sooner, then I might go.

With that said...I'm gonna go see about getting me a job....

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

smart cars in the 505

What has America come to?? While I was driving home from running erands I looked to my right and what did I see??? A SMART CAR! It was red and black and I actually did a double take. I seriously didn't expect to see one of those over here for a long time!

Smart cars are these teeny-tiny cars that hold two people - barely. I personally think they're hidious and should be ran over by a nice big American truck...but what do I know? I'm just kidding...

Monday, June 6, 2005

It doesn't get better than this!

Yesterday I woke up bright and early at 4:30am and I didn't end up going back to sleep until 11:30pm - I was awake for 19 hours; now that's crazy! Yesterday was also one of the best days I can ever remember having!

When I woke up to the birds chirping my mom and dad were already awake so we talked for a little bit, then my dad went back to sleep and my mom and I watched some Alias while I unpacked.

Since it was Sunday, the four of us went to church. I really enjoyed being with my dad; really enjoyed it. After church we went to hurricanes for some very tasty New Mexican food!!

My dad needed some rest after church and the meal, so I went to go meet up with Jeff at his new house. His house rocks...I love it and it was wonderful to hang out with him! After I left his house I went to go visit my friends Curtis and Kent just up the road. From the moment I got to Jeff's house I had a smile on my face that could not be wiped away.

I drove up central to Curtis' and sat on his futon with a grin from ear to ear listening to him and Kent fill me in on the last few months! I realized the time and told them I had to leave to go hang out with the 'rents....but they both invited me back to hang out with them later at night, as did Jeff.

Again, while I was driving home I just had this overwhelming joy! I got home and my parents and I went shopping for some things...good times were had once again! After we got home I rested a bit before I went back over to the UNM side to hang out with my friends.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE driving in this city??? I left my house around 8pm - the PERFECT time to drive around Albuquerque in this city if you ask me. The sun was setting and if you've ever seen an Albuquerque sun set then you'll know what I'm talking about. I rolled down my windows, turned up my music and drove west...Staring straight at the sky that looked like it was on fire. The sunset was turning our sky an orange hue with pink outlining the clouds...then the clouds started turning purple. Too beautiful - yesterday I decided I will keep my camera with me in my car as often as possible.

A lot of us may complain about living in a desert and having to drive hundreds of miles to find an ocean but, the next time you're outside look up: there's our ocean! Then look down: there's our beach! We have it made...we seriously have got it made.

I'm pretty sure the drivers of Albuquerque who've seen me around yesterday must think there is something weird going on with me because I just keep smiling all the time! I met Jeff, Kelly and Brian at Johnson Field at UNM and I played frisbee with them. :) It makes me smile just thinking about it...It was perfect. After the sun went down, about an hour later, I told them I had to leave...and went over to Curtis'.

More good times were had there... Natalie, Arlana, Curtis, Kent, Hawk, Elise and Crystal were there. It was just so chill and comfortable! Everyone was just filling me in on things that had gone on and vice versa! I love the chill nights like that, we literally just talked for about 2 hours.

This doesn't even hit the tip of the iceberg - it was the best start to the summer I ever could have asked for - I know it's going to be great! My goal for this week is to get a job or two (my first choice is Starbucks - wish me luck)! It's much hotter here than I'm used to, and I hope my body will adapt quickly.

Ok, I have things to do and people to see today! It's good to be home. Till next time...keep smiling :)

Saturday, June 4, 2005

jet lagged

ok. it's 4:30am and i'm awake....i hate jet lag.... more to come later...i need to unpack...

Friday, June 3, 2005

Tea and Scones

Dear England,
This time tomorrow I will be sitting in an airplane and getting ready to take off back to America. Where did all the time go? I mean, seriously! My bags are almost completely packed and I've said bye to almost everyone. At the moment I just finished a scone and I'm drinking some tea...for the last time here.

Cheers for letting me stay and live in your country and for introducing me to awesome people. Even though I'm excited to go home, and get giddy at the very thought of being with my friends and family, I will miss this place. Yes, of course I'll come back and visit...just as soon as I start making some more money.

More nervous little habits started forming last night which made it hard for me to sleep. I'm still trying to decide if I should pull an all nighter tonight...or try to get some sleep. It's always a strange thing when you're changing time zones. Tomrrow will be the longest day ever! Basically I'll be gaining 7 hours to the normal 24-hour day...crazy.

I still have lots of things to do today, so it's time for me to go. The next time I write I'll be on American soil...damn...that's a nice thought!

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Good luck to me

I don't believe in horoscopes, but this morning when I was checking my email I came across this:

January 20 - February 17
This is one of those days when you will be walking down the street, and all of a sudden you will notice a twenty-dollar bill in the gutter. This doesn't mean that you should go walking around town with your head down today, dear Aquarius. In fact, just the opposite is true. Keep your head held high at all times. Good luck will come to you when you least expect it. This positive energy will come in many different forms, so be open to everything that comes your way.

....I'm taking my last (and hardest) exam in less than an hour...

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

no time

Today was a typical English's been raining since the morning. In a way it's kinda welcoming because this is how I will remember England, it was like this when I got here, and it's the same now that I'm leaving.

I have my last exam tomorrow morning, and I actually feel somewhat prepared for it. Hopefully I'll remember everything plus more when I actually have to write the essays and answer the short topic questions. The exam I'm taking is for my favorite class this year - Global Perspectives. I've learned SO much from it, and now I can actually form my own opinons and have some facts to back them up. Hopefully this won't be the end of my education on politics; I want to know more.

After my exam it's back to my house to finish packing. I think I'm going to be ok luggage wise...I HOPE it'll be ok... if not then...oh well.

Ok, there's too much going on at the moment, i have to go...

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