Thursday, March 30, 2006

Coffee + Good things = Jessica a happy girl

I woke up this morning and I was in a good mood; not a bad way to start a day if I do say so myself! I've been really excited about sending my little package off to travelgirl, maybe realistically I shouldn't be getting my hopes up as much, but I can't help it...I haven't been this motivated in a long time and I'm going to just let it run its course!

With that said, I think I failed my Spanish test today. No joke, I walked out of there knowing I did not pass that...If only I could one day live up to my last name. I drowned my sorrows in coffee though and after that, and two more cups, everything was A-Ok!

So I went to Dion's to talk to Dan (the GM) and told him that I was putting in my two weeks because...I got the job at the Round Up!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Dan was awesome about it and really nice. He said that if I want I can work one day a week (which might be a nice $50 check every two weeks for not much work). I don't know, I'll have to think about it.

Another reason today was a good day was, and this might sound like I'm contradicting myself, I've been working on an article that is due tomorrow at noon. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, except I think I got way in over my head for this one. The article is dealing with medical terminology that I don't know or understand, but that I have to convey it so the average reader (which by the way has 8th grade reading skills) can comprehend.

Anyway, I've been trying to make contact with people to interview for a little while now and as of yesterday I didn't have ANY sources. But today it suddenly all fell into place and about 7 hours later (I had computer problems and a few breaks here and there, of course) I have a story. The problem I have now is that it's not long enough (by the class rubric standards), but hopefully the content will make up for the length.

So that's where I'm at right now. It's a pretty good place; I think I'll stay here for awhile.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I can predict the weather...

It's true, I CAN predict if it's going to be windy outside. This all started after I had knee surgery and now I can usually tell if it's going to be windy a day before the wind starts blowing. My left knee seems to get extra stiff and has a dull, pullsing pain. I looked it up and found THIS ARTICLE, makes a lot of sense! My mom, who had knee surgery YEARS ago can tell when it's going to rain...I can only tell if it's going to be windy. Maybe a qualification for Weather Men should be knee surgery...might help them out, we all know it wouldn't hurt them!

In other news for the day: I'm finished with my cover letter/resume to send out to two magazines! All I need is for my professor to look over it one last time and then I'll mail them. The two I'm enquiring about are travelgirl and Latina. These are two longshots, but I figure there is absolutely NO way I will ever work for them if I don't I'm trying. After I send those out I'll work on getting my portfolio out to a few more realistic magazines; Albuquerque, New Mexico and a few other regional ones. The point is, I'm not going to be lazy anymore...I'm trying to motivate myself, stop complaining and freaking out that I might have chosen the wrong career, and make something happen! Even if I get a rejection letter, or several, at least I know they're looking at my stuff!

Yesterday I was talking to Sean and we were both saying how unmotivated and how our attitude has turned pretty apathetic towards life. He's graduating this year, so he's in the midst of freaking out...I'm just unmotivated. Anyway, I mentioned how I want to get away and go somewhere (like you haven't heard that before!). Then he said something that surprised me and really made me think. He said that if I were to move somewhere else, what would I be doing that I couldn't do here. Wow. He has an amazing point.

I have lived somewhere else and to be honest, even though I was thousands of miles away from here, it was still the same on some level. I started thinking about about what I would want to do if I lived in another city, say Boston, I would want to go out and enjoy its night that's what I'm going to do here, in Las Cruces. I'm going to take advantage of what I have here for as long as I have it. This afternoon Laura and whoever else wants to tag along, are going out for happy hour. :)

Things are good!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Woot Woot

I just got back from the "Expert Meeting" at Dions. It was sorta weird sitting there, knowing that I might actually quit soon. I can't explain my attachement to Dion's...I really can't. The best I can do is compare it to a boyfriend/relationship:

I've been with Dion's on and off for 5 years and let's face it, that's longer than any real relationship I've had! It has seen me through my worst, my best and my in between. Sometimes I would go there to get away from crap that was going on in real life and other times I would use it to make my own life more exciting. Dion's treats me well; gives me raises, good food, new friends, a sense of power in some respect and it has even followed me to college. Dion's has ALWAYS taken me back, even when I left it for other places. It's stable and too comfortable. I have evolved just as the uniforms have, going from the ugly red smocks and barrets to the red aprons and baseball caps. How do you say goodbye to something like that?

:) Well..clearly I have too much time on my hands this beautiful Sunday morning...and I do mean morning! I just realized that I haven't so much as thought about school in a little over a week, and I think that's going to be a pretty big problem starting tomorrow! I have an article due for Thayer's class on Friday...and I don't have a single source yet...or the motivation to go find one. Fun times. There are only 7 weeks of school left. SEVEN. That's 34 actual days of the week (including the Friday off for Good Friday and NOT including the days I don't go to school).

Ok. I'm going to find something to do.

Friday, March 24, 2006

But it's for the kids!

I went to Walmart today to buy some much needed shampoo and toothpaste but as I was walking out of the store with my bag in hand I was stopped by the doorman guy.

"Would you like to donate some money today? ...It's for the kids," he said very slowly and quietly as though he didn't want to let the secret out.

OH! Well goodnes, if it's for 'the kids' then by all means, take all of my money! It's amazing how someone can guilt trip you into giving money or your time when it's 'for the kids.' I'm not going to lie, I was not a very nice or giving person tonight - I only had a dime left over from my purchase and I KEPT it. Of course I feel bad for it now...who knows where my 10 cents might have gone 'for the kids'. Heh.

just making small talk

I'm in Cruces and after a fantastic night's sleep I think I"m ready for a full day's work. Emily was here when I got home, so it was nice having some company around...she's leaving later today to go back to Albuquerque though, so I'll be looking to find someone to hang out with later tonight.

I'm working on a little mini art project - putting all of my postcards into frames and then making a collage out of the frames. I think it'll look pretty cool, i just need to go out and get some more frames. Then I also want to clean out my desk and make my room less cluttered. I doubt I'll do that though.

Oh, Bri called yesterday and said she's not coming out here next weekend - I'm kinda bummed about that, but now I'll just pick up some more hours at Dions. Last night I had a dream that I lived in was great! Ok, I don't really have anything else to say so I'm gonna get going.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

leaving home...again

My old computer is back and just like new...and you know what? I actually like it more than the 'new' one I had. All I have to do now is get all my music into iTunes. In less than an hour i'll be on my way back to Cruces...and I'm not looking forward to it, by the way. I realized that nobody will be in town! GREAT!!! At least I'll be working during the day, but everyone knows that it's not during the day when people get lonely, it's at night. I'll get through it. I have a few little projects I wanna work on (and by projects I think I mean you'll find me online till I can't keep my eyes open.)

um...I'm watching the Country Music Station, or whatever it's called (no judegment, my brother has it on), and this 'country' song just came on, but the band is trying to look like a rap group - I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON...I'M SO CONFUSED!!!! They're singing about a Banjo, but the style they're using looks like a rap video minus the black girls shaking their asses. And they're missing the Bling. This is weird. Really weird. Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband - that's who i just listened to. Whoa.

Yesterday was such a kick-ass day, I had a blast!!! Nothing too significant happened in the morning, but in the afternoon Laura and I went to Red Robin because David was working. When I got there she already had a Tokyo Tea in front of her and before I could take off my jacket, David was making me some pretty drink. A fruity pebble (for me), Tokyo Tea (for Laura) and a 'chocolate cake' later, we were both pretty much declared drunk at four in the afternoon! Since we clearly could not drive home we decided to go see a movie at Century...and have another drink before the flick started. Ha ha ha, it was really awesome hanging out with Laura just relaxing and having fun.

After the movie we went back to her place where all I wanted to do was take a nap...but I pushed through it and we went to Coaches for kareoke with the guys. Almost the second I stepped into the place i got a pounding headache right behind my eyes - NOT fun. I still enjoyed every second I was with them though, how could I not?! Those guys are so unbelievable, I don't think they realize how amazing they are. I said bye to all of them, again (wouldn't it be nice if we never had to tell someone bye! It's really kinda depressing...I hate saying bye).

Even though I only came home for a few days, this has been one of my best spring breaks. I hung out with friends, saw old friends, drank, laughed so much my cheeks hurt and spent time with my family. Now I can go back to Cruces and work so I can travel!!!

On that note, I need to go finish throwing my crap into my bag, grab my iPod, some Starbucks and hit the road.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Starting over...again!

I need to just pick a journal and stick to it. I also need to decide if I'm going to censor this or I want to actually put what I'm feeling and thinking out there for everyone to read (I don't think I can do that anymore)? I guess for awhile I'll just write what I feel like.

I've had an awesome time being home; lots of ups and downs (mostly ups). I'm at the point where I'm enjoying my time here and don't want to leave. I apologized to Laura last night for the way I've been acting in Las Cruces. I shouldn't be acting the way I am and I am truly going to make an effort to change. Being the sad, lonely and depressing girl doesn't suit me very well.

Just in the past few days I have felt my spirits come alive. That is NOT to say that I don't enjoy my friends in Las Cruces (PLEASE believe me when I say that!!!!), it just means that I think I conduct myself in a different view here. Anyway, I am TIRED of talking about all of that. Moving on now...

I think I'm going to come up with some little goals or things to look forward to...something to basically motivate me. The first thing I have coming up is a couple weeks from now the boys are going to come down for Emily's birthday. I'm WICKED excited for that to happen and also ridiculously happy that Emily will finally be 21 :) Heehee!! The second thing is Boston. I think Chris and I are seriously going to try to get out there this summer...and I would be more than happy if others wanted to tag along (HINT HINT). I was thinking about making a little detour to go see my Nanny and Uncle Sid and Aunt Gail in New York when we go out there...I would love to go on a train again. What else? Perhaps sometime during the summer there will be time for a little road trip somewhere...Denver, LA, San Antonio, Nashville...anywhere!

In an hour or so Laura and I are going over to Red Robin to have David make us some drinks - they better be damn delicious is all I have to say :-p After that we may see a movie and then later on tonight we're going to kareokee!! Did I mention that it snowed today :) Good times.

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