Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perfect Timing

I sent my lovely computer away Monday around 2 pm to be fixed. I packed it real tight, taped it shut and kissed it goodbye, crossing my fingers I’d get to see it at least by next week. You see I’ve never had good luck with computers when they break. In fact, most of my junior and senior years of college were spent cursing at Best Buy’s Geek Squad for being no more intelligent than an ant. Seriously.

So when I checked the tracking number for my iBook last night I was SHOCKED to find out that it was already being shipped back to me. Wow. Talk about fast service. Not only that, but when I called to report my laptop’s booboo they answered my call in less than five minutes and were actually helpful, unlike just about any other customer-service hotline.

My dad called me this morning around 10 am to let me know that Fed Ex Air had just dropped off my laptop. Again, talk about fast service. I’m not all that great at math, but by my calculations that comes out to less than 48 hours from the time I sealed the box to the time it arrived back on my doorstep.

I’m tellin’ ya, once you go MAC you never go back.

Another awesome timing story happened this afternoon. Kenny got online for a quick five minutes before his flight and was way happier than necessary for being stuck in a desert. Well, it turns out that the cookies I sent him on Saturday arrived today. Can I get another “wow”?! That means they got there in about three days. Seriously, that’s just crazy! No word on how delicious they are yet, but he promised me he'd share them with his crew :) Is it wrong that I’m questioning whether he’s really stationed in Qatar or not? I mean I can’t even get something I ordered online to get to me that fast! Simply amazing I tell ya!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lazy Monday

Well, I'm still typing on my precious laptop. Yup, Murphey's Law has allowed me to use my computer this weekend. It freaked out on me once, but other than that it's been fine. It's kinda hard for me to send it away since it's actually working, but there is something wrong with it and it needs to be fixed.

Yesterday I went to my yoga class and the usual girl was out of town. Boy, oh boy was it a workout and a half! It was an hour and a half long, but I loved every second of it, even when I was cursing under my breath that there was no way my body was going to do what she was showing us to do. But then I somehow did it! Class kicked my butt, but I feel great today.

My countdown is down to just
NINE DAYS!!!!! So close, but still so far away.

Today we got a memo that we don't have to go into work till 3 pm because we're hosting the Chef Knockout at the Convention Center this afternoon. This is going to be a really fun event! So this morning I think I'm going to hit the gym, get a long-overdue pedicure at this new place that opened up by my house (they're offering FREE designs!), send off my computer, and then depending on what time it is, do a little research for an article I'm writing. Then I'm off to work till 10 pm.

Off I go; I've got people to see and things to do!

Friday, August 22, 2008

iBook's under the weather

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but nothing interesting worthy enough to write about has happened lately…until yesterday.

I got home from work, flopped down on the couch, and opened up my iBook. What I saw on the screen wasn’t my mauve background but black and white vertical stripes taking over the entire screen. My hands start immediately shaking. And then I get frustrated. I tried the touchpad mouse pad to move the mouse, but instead of moving the mouse, which I couldn’t see, I moved the stripes. The stripes went from black and white to mauve and black and every color in between. With my hands still shaking I started to cry. This is my only connection to Kenny right now and instead of being able to talk to him, my screen is dancing with stripes.

Thankfully my mom is the coolest mom EVER and saves everything, including the box to my iBook so I could call tech support. LUCKILY my computer was still under warranty (some of the tears were little dollar signs dropping down from my eyes, because I was thinking about how much it’d cost me). The nice man on the phone talked me through some unsuccessful steps to resolve my “issue” and in the end he said I’d have to send it in.

This shouldn’t affect my hard drive, but just to be safe I backed everything up. The thought of losing my computer with years of work on it just makes me sick to my stomach…and the thought of not being able to chat with Kenny online just makes me plain sad. Thank goodness it’ll only be gone for “about a week” and that this is towards the end of his deployment.

In other not-so-depressing-for-me news, I bought my ticket to go see him ☺ In 12 days we won’t have to deal with being separated by an ocean and thousands (millions???) of miles. I seriously can’t wait!!!!

Tonight I won’t have to sit at home and throw a pity party for the (temporary) loss of my laptop, because I’m going to the Isotopes game with the girls; always a fun time.

….till next time…

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, hell no.

This article on CNN makes me outraged! It's one thing to charge fliers for carrying on extra baggage, but do not, DO NOT charge our troops going overseas for a deployment. It's not like they don't have enough to worry about, but now when they get to the airport they may have to shell out money? Come on! Our men and women don't need to rethink taking particular items with them when leaving their homes, their families and friends, and their lives for 3-15 months. They're doing us a service; you'd think we could do one for them.

Edit (8/14): If the link above isn't working (it was giving me a blank page this morning) try reading it here.

wednesday's words

Sorry for the slacking of posts. I blame Kenny, really. Since he and I have been able to chat online more often I haven't had the need to complain about how bored I am or how much I'm missing him.

I was just looking at my last post and noticed that's when my car went into the shop. Well, it's almost a week later and it's still not out. Good times for all. Turns out that when I took it home on Friday night (ok, I did have it home for a few hours) it worked fine, but then when I tried to start it on Saturday it just didn't do it. Eight hundred dollars later they figured out it was the fuel pump. We had AAA tow it over Sunday night so they could get it back to me on Monday.

All of that would have been fine and dandy had the AAA towing company not jacked my car. They placed their chain on the WRONG part of my car and broke something else. Needless to say, I was/am mad and it's still at the shop. Luckily I have awesome parents who've managed to finagle the car situation so I can get to and from work!

Sorry, that whole story seemed kinda boring to me. So what else is new? Um....Kenny wants me to go see him when he gets home :) That's about three weeks away, so I'm way excited about that. Other than that, I'm ready for fall to get here.

Oh! The Olympics, as much as I love and am obsessed with them, are kinda ruining my plans to work out. Here I am watching Phelps and Coughlin win medal after medal, and I'm literally sitting in front of the TV cheering and getting inspired. But then I notice the time. I've been staying up very close to midnight every night watching the Olympics, so by the time I wake up early enough to go to the gym I just end up rolling over and catching a few more zzzz's. Maybe I'll be more motivated after the Olympics end. Heh. Yeah, that's it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brothers 'n stuff

"My brother's car smells like a sweaty boy," is exactly what I said out loud when I sat down in the driver's seat of his SUV.

My car had an internal boo-boo and was in the shop for the day. Had to get the battery replaced and need to replace my front brakes very shortly. It actually happened at a really convenient time. Car troubles rarely happen at a good time, because there's always stress involved with finding a replacement ride. Luckily, Chris has been in Guatemala for the past two weeks, which left me to his ride.

I'll be back in my own lovely car tomorrow :)

In the mean time, I'm watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and feeling like a lazy bum. I mean, geez! These girls are doing things I can only dream about doing - if that (says the girl who's literally sprawled out on the couch with her laptop chilling on her lap).

I am going to the gym tomorrow, so maybe I won't feel as listless. Heh, but I'm going for yoga. And it's not actually a cardio yoga, it's "restorative" yoga where I focus on breathing and relaxing. And I don't actually even break a sweat. I suppose I could get up early and make it to the gym, but I've been sleeping in all week and I don't really want to break that tradition, especially on a Friday.

Even though Kenny's around the world right now he's making me feel lazy, too! Since he doesn't have anything to do when he's not flying he goes to the gym for hours at a time. The skinny boy has already lost 15 pounds! Gees louise!

I'll start my gym-going back up on Monday, along with eating healthy (since I'm going to Taco Cabana tomorrow for lunch and having a cupcake for dinner).

Friday, August 1, 2008

the eighth month

Can you believe it's August already? Personally, I hope August flies by as fast. July could have hurried itself up a little bit, but considering I've made it one month, one weeks, and three days without constant communication with Kenny, I think I'm doing OK.

We have a month or so to go, and I can honestly say I have NO idea how families can do this for a year or more. Sigh. Kenny did get word today that he has tentative plans for his next tour...March 2009. But I don't want to think about that yet, so I'll push it to the back of my mind till it needs to be brought up.

Till then I'll just think about how today is our 19 month anniversary, which is very exciting and very cool! What else is equally amazing is that we figured out a way to "chat" online. Gmail has a chat feature and he found out that it's not blocked out there. One night we were able to "talk" for an hour and I can't tell you how relieving it was to just talk and not be worried about when our 15 minutes was going to run out. On that note, he said he'll try to call me tonight!

I honestly didn't intend to write about Kenny this entire time. Oops.

I missed yoga tonight and now I feel guilty. I came home to change and then I made the mistake of resting on the couch. Honestly, I was only going to close my eyes for five minutes! Oh well, I'll maybe flip to On Demand and use one of their programs. Eh. Who am I kidding? I'm not going to!


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