Wednesday, June 1, 2005

no time

Today was a typical English's been raining since the morning. In a way it's kinda welcoming because this is how I will remember England, it was like this when I got here, and it's the same now that I'm leaving.

I have my last exam tomorrow morning, and I actually feel somewhat prepared for it. Hopefully I'll remember everything plus more when I actually have to write the essays and answer the short topic questions. The exam I'm taking is for my favorite class this year - Global Perspectives. I've learned SO much from it, and now I can actually form my own opinons and have some facts to back them up. Hopefully this won't be the end of my education on politics; I want to know more.

After my exam it's back to my house to finish packing. I think I'm going to be ok luggage wise...I HOPE it'll be ok... if not then...oh well.

Ok, there's too much going on at the moment, i have to go...

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