Thursday, March 31, 2005

Getting around the system

I'm sure I've already posted something like what I'm about to say...but deal with it :) As I'm sure most of you know, my favorite TV show is Alias and, if I do say so myself, I've done a pretty damn good job of not watching TV for almost 6 months. That hasn't stopped me from watching my show though. You see, I've been downloading (yes, it's illegal) Alias. Everything was fine and dandy until my lovely university put up a firewall against downloading... WELL...I think I might have found a way around that problem - it's called Wireless internet - and I love it.

This couldn't have come at a better time either, you see - I'm starting to get a bit of 'Cabin Fever' from doing nothing all day. The campus is pretty much deserted because it's the Easter Holiday, and I'm saving what money I have left, so I can't go into town. Because of this, I'm staying inside (oh yeah, don't tell me to go walk around outside..This is's's always raining) and usually I watch movies - BUT I've overwatched every single flick I have. Which leads me to downloading. If anyone is reading this who feels like reporting me - DON'T!!!! thanks :)

Shoot - how bored am I? I just wrote two lengthy paragraphs on pirating tv shows from the states. Goodness. What else can I bored you with?? Well, in about 2 hours I'm going to register for classes for next semester and I'm actually really excited to do that! I'm crossing my fingers they'll all still be open. I plan on taking 17 credit hours and finding a job next year. I'll let you know what i'm taking after I'm sure I get in.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I spent my time catching up with my old friend from back in the day. It was awesome. Seriously, it was one of the best conversations I've had online in a long time. I couldn't really tell you what was so great about it - it was just surreal to be talking to him after all these years. I hope we get to talk a lot more while I'm out here...

A few nights ago I was talking to my brother online - ok, it was more like I was talking and he said one or two words in reply. Anyway, I realized how soon I'm going home. It's really soon; sometime in June...first week or second week, maybe. That's no time at all - TOMORROW IS APRIL - APRIL!!!!! That means I really only have two months left out here. TWO MONTHS - where in the world did the time go??? #

My friend Abel sent me an email the other day while I was in Italy. It was about a program to live in Italy for the summer and teach English to children out there. I can't tell you how much I want to do that. They pay for everything except for your plane ticket to and from Italy. If would do it in a heart beat except A) I have no money B) I need to be home with my family this summer - too much is going on at home and C) I didn't apply and the application is due this Friday...

Ah. Right on. In the time it took me to write this I was able to download an episode of Alias. That means I'll only be in here for another 2 hours or so. SCORE! Ok. I have to find something else to occupy my time now - sorry about the long post....does anyone even read this besides my mom????!!!!!

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