Sunday, February 13, 2005


Hemph. It figures that the journal I use isn't working now that I got this new blog. It's kinda frustrating though. Here I am, clicking refresh over and over trying to make the sign in page come up. And in the end there's nothing. Just a page that says "sorry, page cannot be found". Bummer.

I just finished watching Bridget Jones's Diary (the first one). I don't know if that's the best movie to watch A)right before Valentine's Day and B) if you're single C)if you're single right before Valentine's Day. Oh well. Fuck it. i'm out here...If anything, this can be my time to be single. Once I actually find a guy I won't be able to just pick up and leave to go to another country. Humm...unless he comes with me - then he'd just be perfect.

Ok. I'm gonna find something more productive to take stupid quizzes that my friends made online.
Take my Quiz on!
Oh wow, and would you look at that... turns out I had enough time on my hands to make one of my own. What is this world coming to?

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