Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon

I'm seeing one of my favorite musical artists tonight!!! Michael Buble is rolling into town and performing at the Santa Ana Star Center tonight and I have THIRD row seats :) I think I can thank my mom and her lucky genes for helping me win tickets a couple months ago - she's the lucky one in the family.

Anywho, Jenna is driving down today and we're going to drive all the way out of Dodge to go see him woo us. I'm seriously as giddy as a little girl right now!!

I'm also really excited about my new bag (post below). It. Is. Perfect. There's no other way to describe how great it was to travel with. Not only does my lap top fit perfectly inside, but there's room for two books (large books, mind you), iPod, airline tickets, snacks, water bottle, wallet, etc. LOVE IT!!! Today I'm carrying my laptop, makeup bag, brush and camera in it for tonight.

:) Things are good.

1 thoughts:

JennaRenee said...

Why are you bringing your laptop to the concert? I am confused. Aren't we gambling?

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