Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rome update

I'm here in Rome, sitting in the lobby of our hostel waiting for Chris to finish writing an email. Just a few small caugh turned into a full blown cold - NOT fun. I bought some Italian cough medicine and nose decongestant. Buying those two things was a trip never realize how different cultures and languages are until you really need to get someone to understand you.

Today we got up at 8 (early enough to go searching for a pharmacia) and then joined up with a tour of the Eternal City at 10. We walked all around Rome for a good 5 hours, seeing everything. Chris continued to video tape everything so we should have some fun footage.

After the tour we went over St. Peter's Basillica to see about catching a tour tomorrow of something UNDER the basillica...but as it turns out, reservations had to be made at least a month in advance. We walked around a lot more, got some lunch, walked around, caught the metro and then walked back to the hostel....and here we are now.

Chris wants to go on a pub crawl tonight and since I'm not feeling my best (WHY'D I HAVE TO GET SICK NOW????) I'm gonna go up and take a nap before tonight. Sadly, I won't be drinking tonight. I don't want my immune system lower than it is right now...

....with that little bed is calling my name....
till next time.รน

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