Saturday, May 9, 2009

THE Dress!

The title of this blog may be a slight teaser, because you see, you're not going to see any pictures of "The One." Kenny sometimes stops by here and I'd hate for him to catch a glimpse of the dress.

(I know you all must be SO disappointed I'm not going to wear the one on the left...I kid, I kid!)

But! I am so giddy and excited over this gown. I didn't have the magical moment when I first tried it one, and it certainly wasn't the first one I tried on, but after I put this one on and "sat on it" for a few days I knew it's the one I wanted to wear. I know it's silly but I think about it often throughout the day and I'm really sad I only get to wear it for one day.

So far my mom, Laura (maid of honor), Natalie (bridesmaid), my dad, and my grandma have seen the dress on me, and I think I'm going to keep it that way. I want people to be surprised at the wedding.

Anyway, I decided to write about it today because I'm going back to try it on again and get the size to order. We already paid (half the cost) a week and a half ago, but now I need to go and sign the contract and all that jazz!

Did you (or are you planning on) show your fiance The Dress before the wedding?

1 thoughts:

Claudia said...

How exciting!!!

Nope, no way would I have considered letting him see it. When I walked down the aisle it was the first time he saw the dress. :)

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