Sunday, February 4, 2007

This is for the boys:

At Flying Star I usually end up doing the bathroom duty at the end of the night. That involves cleaning the toilet, among other things. Is it too much to ask to have guys AIM when they pee? SERIOUSLY. Just watch where you're going - somebody has to clean it up. That's all for now.


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Raven Rotsaert said...

I dont know what you're talking about. I'm a straight shooter!

Sometimes, however, when the urin is really flowing i get board and find my self AIMING at the edges of larger bowl type toilets. This ultimating becomes my demise as the little game - lets see how close I can get with out making a mess - always ends in a little bit of over spray. oops.

Ultimatly I think if there were something like a urinal cake or a red target inside the toilet, that whould keep me ocupied.

That reminds me, one time while urinating in a lavatory of a restaunt in northern france, there was this fly in the urinal. I tried peeing on it and couldnt get it to wash away - it was painted on! Like a target!

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